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51 New Hampshire Republicans Pledge to Back DeSantis for President

In addition to dozens of new endorsements in the Granite State, four Republican lawmakers who endorsed Donald Trump less than a month ago now pledge to back DeSantis.

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Today, Never Back Down, the super PAC actively campaigning for Ron DeSantis announced that 51 state representatives in New Hampshire will back the Florida governor for president.

Key endorsements include House Majority Leader Jason Osborne and state Rep. Juliet Harvey-Bolia. In late April, Harvey-Bolia was one of dozens of elected officials who endorsed former President Trump at a rally in Manchester.


But now, Harvey-Bolia and three other New Hampshire Republicans – including Rep. Brian Cole, Rep. Lisa Smart and Rep. Debra DiSimone – have flipped their endorsement from Trump to DeSantis.

“New Hampshire wants a leader with a winning conservative record that will bring new energy and economic growth to our country. They know that leader is Governor Ron DeSantis,” said Never Back Down Communications Director Erin Perrine.

“New Hampshire’s leaders know his success should serve as a blueprint for our nation and are excited to support him because he can defeat Joe Biden in 2024 and put our country back on track,” Perrine added.

The Trump campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.


On Friday, the super PAC announced endorsements from 37 Iowa legislators just before DeSantis arrived over the weekend for a three-city tour. Iowa and New Hampshire are significant in the Republican nomination process because their caucuses and primaries are the first two contests in the nation, setting the tone for other states.

Although DeSantis has yet to make a formal announcement, The Florida Standard has confirmed that he will convene a meeting in Miami with top donors for a briefing on May 24 and 25. More than 100 donors and supporters are expected to attend as anticipation grows over a big announcement.
A full list of New Hampshire Representatives endorsing Governor DeSantis can be seen here.