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60-year-old Florida Man Breaks Guinness World Record in Push-Ups

Rob Stirling now holds the Guinness World Record for the number of push-ups performed in one hour.

TAMPA, FLORIDA - How many push-ups can you do in an hour? The Guinness World Record was 3,182 push-ups in one hour until 60-year-old Rob Stirling beat that record yesterday at Tampa’s Powerhouse Gym.

Stirling had already unofficially broken the record once before at a conference in Miami, but after months of training, he was ready to claim the title officially. Stirling told Fox 13, “I plan on doing over 3,200 if my body will let me do it.”

Push-ups are a staple in Stirling’s daily routine. He can easily do 1,500 of them in 30 minutes. However, these competition-style push-ups require a special technique, according to Stirling.

“To do them for competition, you don’t lock out, you’ve got to have about a fist between your chest and the ground, and then you’ve got to be fully extended to where you don’t lock out.”

“The strategy to doing the most I can get in an hour is doing short sets. I am doing short sets of 12, and then I’ll get up and rest for approximately seven seconds and then 12 more. And I will just continue to do that the entire hour.”

In about three to four weeks, Stirling should find out if he officially takes the record for most push-ups in an hour. But he is not stopping there.

“There’s a one-minute world record as well, it’s 144 push-ups in one minute and I set out to do that while I was training for this.”