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99 Florida Legislators Endorse DeSantis for President

Widespread support from state legislators shines a spotlight on DeSantis’ effective leadership.

FLORIDA — As of May 17, nearly 100 state senators and representatives in the Florida legislature have endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis to be the next President of the United States.

“From keeping Florida open and making sure Floridians can live, work and raise their families free from government overreach to putting our law enforcement and first responders first at every turn, Ron DeSantis is a leader who will never tire or back down from a challenge,” said House Speaker-Designate Danny Perez.

Widespread support from state legislators shines a spotlight on DeSantis’ effective leadership, which Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner say serves as a blueprint for the entire country.

“Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature have worked together to achieve historic results and produce conservative victories for the people of Florida – turning the state into a beacon of freedom and the fastest growing state in the nation,” said Never Back Down Communications Director Erin Perrine.

The 99 legislators endorsing Governor Ron DeSantis for President include:

Florida Senate:
Senate President Kathleen Passidomo
Sen. Ben Albritton (SD-27)
Sen. Bryan Avila (SD- 39)
Sen. Dennis Baxley (SD-13)
Sen. Jim Boyd (SD-20)
Sen. Jennifer Bradley (SD-6)
Sen. Jason Brodeur (SD-100)
Sen. Douglas Broxson (SD-1)
Sen. Danny Burgess (SD-23)
Sen. Colleen Burton (SD-12)
Sen. Alexis Calatayud (SD-38)
Sen. Jay Collins (SD-13)
Sen. Nick DiCeglie (SD-18)
Sen. Gayle Harrell (SD-31)
Sen. Travis Hutson (SD-7)
Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (SD-11)
Sen. Jonathan Martin (SD-33)
Sen. Debbie Mayfield (SD-19)
Sen. Keith Perry (SD-9)
Sen. Corey Simon (SD-3)
Sen. Jay Trumbull (SD-2)
Sen. Clay Yarborough (SD-4)

Florida House:
Speaker of the House Paul Renner
Rep. Shane Abbott (HD-5)
Rep. Thad Altman (HD-32)
Rep. Danny Alvarez (HD-69)
Rep. Adam Anderson (HD-57)
Rep. Alex Andrade (HD-2)
Rep. Jessica Baker (HD-17)
Rep. Douglas Bankson (HD-39)
Rep. Webster Barnaby (HD-29)
Rep. Fabián Basabe (HD-106)
Rep. Melony Bell (HD-49)
Rep. Kimberly Berfield (HD-58)
Rep. Adam Botana (HD-80)
Rep. Robert Brackett (HD-34)
Rep. Chuck Brannan (HD-10)
Rep. James Buchanan (HD-74)
Rep. Jennifer Canady (HD-50)
Rep. Mike Caruso (HD-87)
Rep. Ryan Chamberlin (HD-24)
Rep. Linda Chaney (HD-61)
Rep. Chuck Clemons (HD-22)
Rep. Wyman Duggan (HD-12)
Rep. Tiffany Esposito (HD-77)
Rep. Tom Fabricio (HD-110)
Rep. Juan Fernandez-Barquin (HD-118)
Rep. Randy Fine (HD-33)
Rep. Alina Garcia (HD-115)
Rep. Sam Garrison (HD-11)
Rep. Mike Giallombardo (HD-79)
Rep. Karen Gonzalez Pittman (HD-65)
Rep. Peggy Gossett-Seidman (HD-91)
Rep. Michael Grant (HD-75)
Rep. Tommy Gregory (HD-72)
Rep. Griff Griffitts (HD-6)
Rep. Fred Hawkins (HD-35)
Rep. Jeff Holcomb (HD-53)
Rep. Berny Jacques (HD-59)
Rep. Sam Killebrew (HD-48)
Rep. Traci Koster (HD-66)
Rep. Chip LaMarca (HD-100)
Rep. Tom Leek (HD-28)
Rep. Vicki Lopez (HD-113)
Rep. Randy Maggard (HD-54)
Rep. Patt Maney (HD-4)
Rep. Ralph Massullo (HD-23)
Rep. Stan McClain (HD-27)
Rep. Lawrence McClure (HD-68)
Rep. Fiona McFarland (HD-73)
Rep. Lauren Melo (HD-82)
Rep. Kiyan Michael (HD-16)
Rep. Jim Mooney (HD-120)
Rep. Toby Overdorf (HD-85)
Rep. Bobby Payne (HD-20)
Rep. Daniel Perez (HD-116)
Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka (HD-78)
Rep. Rachel Plakon (HD-36)
Rep. Alex Rizo (HD-112)
Rep. Spencer Roach (HD-76)
Rep. Will Robinson (HD-71)
Rep. Bob Rommel (HD-81)
Rep. Joel Rudman (HD-3)
Rep. Michelle Salzman (HD-1)
Rep. Jason Shoaf (HD-7)
Rep. Tyler Sirois (HD-31)
Rep. David Smith (HD-38)
Rep. John Snyder (HD-86)
Rep. Paula Stark (HD-47)
Rep. Kevin Steele (HD-55)
Rep. Cyndi Stevenson (HD-18)
Rep. John Temple (HD-52)
Rep. Josie Tomkow (HD-51)
Rep. Dana Trabulsy (HD-84)
Rep. Chase Tramont (HD-30)
Rep. Keith Truenow (HD-26)
Rep. Kaylee Tuck (HD-83)
Rep. Taylor Yarkosky (HD-25)
Rep. Brad Yeager (HD-56)