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Americans: Florida Best State to Live In

A new Rasmussen poll found that Florida is the top choice to move to among all 50 states.

FLORIDA – The Sunshine State is no longer just a top destination for out-of-town vacations. Florida is now the nation’s most desirable state to live in, a new Rasmussen Reports poll reports.

The poll asked 1,000 adults across the country which state they would most like to move to. Florida collected more selections than any other state, with 18 percent of the total responses. California ranked second, claiming 11 percent of selections. Ten percent preferred New York, 6 percent chose Pennsylvania and 4 percent said Illinois. Thirty-seven percent said they would prefer to live in another, less populous state. Poll results were collected via phone and online surveys between July 14–17, 2022.

With no state taxes, warm weather and iconic beaches, Florida has long been an attractive place to live. Over the past two years, however, Governor Ron DeSantis’ policies have attracted many Americans who were unwilling to endure COVID restrictions across the country.

In 2020, Florida ranked third in migration growth for the year, behind red states Tennessee and Texas, according to U-Haul. Meanwhile survey results from ranked Florida as the top destination for relocation for the year. Over a third of participants indicated COVID-related concerns impacted their decision to move.

The state anticipates an average population growth of nearly 300,000 residents per year over the course of the next five years. For perspective, that estimate is comparable to adding a city the size of Orlando each year.