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America's Biggest Enemy: Mainstream Conservatism

Today I came to the conclusion that we can no longer be lukewarm in our beliefs. In America, we have distilled conservative “activism” and messaging to its most primitive form. We have lost the spirit of actually fixing America, and have traded real, tangible solutions for platitudes and cheap talking points that sound great in a tweet or Facebook quote poster. The establishment’s communications that the pillars of our movement represent have become flaccid and stale for millions of patriotic Americans. The real tragedy of this is that the men and women who have looked for justice and security in this messaging are now left with a sour taste in their mouth as they realize the things that were promised to them by the GOP or “conservative” leadership has failed them. It is one thing for a Republican congressman to tweet strong and damning statements such as “abortion is a terrible evil,” and “we have to end big tech censorship!” It is another beast entirely for them to actually get up and do something about the injustices they preach about.

What has this new conservative messaging got us? In short, not much. Inflation is higher than ever, crime is rising in major cities across the country, and the middle class is dying. In 1970, half of Chicago’s population was middle class. Today that number is down to 16%. And this same trend isn’t rare for other major American cities, in fact, it is the rule. Our American way of life is diminishing in every facet of our culture, from the family structure, to the church, our health, or to the garbage that passes for art nowadays. The American dream is becoming less of a reality for thousands of us everyday, and more and more it seems as if we are all on a trajectory to just be another cog in some greater machine. But hey, at least that insta post about socialism got a lot of likes Mr. Republican! Great work!

It is not lost on me that leftism, government and corporate tyranny, and a controlled mass media establishment is the cause for the ills plaguing our nation now. But why is it that if we have these problems identified and outlined, why can’t we seem to do anything about them? Why aren’t our conservative leaders in congress, local offices, and media talking about how to fix the crises afflicting America? I know we have some strong leaders; Dennis Prager, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Ron Desantis, and truth seeking, God fearing pastors across America come to mind, but most of the people who claim to represent me seem to be bereft of any real backbone to do what is right. The responsibility to teach the way forward cannot be relegated to the vain aspirations of some establishment politician, or to the egotistical “conservative” media star. The way forward cannot be some wishy washy diatribe coordinated by people looking solely for retweets or money gifted to their SuperPAC. The way forward as I see it comes down to two options. The path of the king, or the path of the individual.

The path of the king involves having a true conservative populist government. When communism was eradicated in Hungary, Hungary did not just become some new democratic paradise free from any sort of authority. The institutions that made up their communist system were still in many ways intact, and in part are still wielded today. When the Fidesz, the National Conservative party of Hungary, took power in 2015, they made sweeping changes to the country as a whole; changes they were able to make because of the nature of their government already set in place. The Fidesz party took over major powers in the country, firing left wing media personalities and replacing them with broadcasters that represented their right wing values. They incentivized people to start families in the country, giving citizens government payments for having more children. Their parliament banned LGBT content from being shown to children in media or in educational materials. They enacted strict immigration policy and constructed a border wall. Hungary even has a Secretary of Families. (Can you imagine having a Department of Families in American government today?) What Hungary has created is what some might call a “right wing socialism.” They have taken the powers of government at their disposal and used them to achieve a society that represented right wing values. And how is Hungary fairing with this system? Well, pretty great actually, despite what the New York Times and CNN would tell you. When the pendulum swings one direction, it often comes back even more ferociously the other way. Through government power and intervention, Hungary has created a society free from many of the things conservatives bemoan in America today. Now I’m not sitting here saying Hungary is a perfect country, but damn, wouldn’t it be nice to live somewhere free from the leftwing dogma being shoved constantly down our throats? Doesn’t seem so terrible to me.

Many people dislike Hungary, even conservatives. They say Hungary has “gone too far,” and is not a real “liberal democracy.” But people who say this are missing the point. Hungary was not trying to be a liberal democracy, it was trying to make Hungary a better place.

If that type of governance is not your cup of tea, then the path of the individual is the way forward. The path of the individual involves abandoning the political game all together, and living life as one who is not controlled by any powers at be. This is the small government solution. As a true individual, you are free from the musings of the herd and are solely responsible for your own existence. This society is constructed as an individualistic haven, where the left’s pushing of collectivism is swept to the wayside in favor of our own freedoms and ability to do what we see fit, as long as we do not trample on other people’s freedoms. This was the dream of the founding fathers of America, yet due to our political system, our culture, and our mass media becoming so perverted from what they envisioned, the path of the individual is all but forgotten. We squander and spin our luck on the right vs. left political wheel and hope things get better, but in truth, our debt increases, our government bloats, our culture rots, and our leaders become more and more spineless.

These are our two options: A system where conservatives take back power through government control and wield it to achieve our ends, or a system with a disregard for most functions of government all together, where our individualism is allowed to flourish and the toxic ideas of the left are of no importance to us. I am not here arguing to a greater degree for either, but what I am claiming is that this weak and fake conservatism we have in America today has to die.

For too long, conservatives in this this country have been playing the same games as the left. Conservatives are just leftists driving the speed limit as they say. Republicans in their khaki pants partake in the same cocktail parties as the Democrats, vying for the same political donors, and pushing the same policies as the left under a different name and telling you it’s good for you. The masses of people controlled by the party nod their head in approval. But the left always wins these games, because the left doesn’t back down, whereas the right will kowtow to save face. Most conservative “influencers” and Republicans in congress care more about what the New York Times writes about them than the well being of the people they represent. It is a sad fact, and I understand I will get blasted for saying much of what I have written here, but I will get attacked because I am not a spoke on their wheel. Anyone who threatens the dinner parties of the elite will be chastised, and if standing up for truth means I am no longer invited to drinks with Liz Cheney and the high brow conservative think tanks, so be it. I never liked caviar and Prosecco anyway.

This fight is a right vs. left issue - a right vs. wrong issue - but it is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. If the people claiming to fight for me don’t actually fight for me, they do not deserve my support. If they would rather get retweets than stop the murder of babies, they are not on my side. If they would rather get money from donors than save the middle class, they are not on my side. If they would rather sell my country overseas than stand for the constitution, they are not on my side. We as Americans have two choices: Take back this country using political power and defeat the left and elite in every possible facet of this nation, or return to a society free from the decadence of our two sides of the same coin party system and become individuals as we were born to be. No longer can we play the same games as the left, or focus on social media vanity, or cherish money above God and expect something to change. The only way we change our world is through real action, and the days of hoping someone else swoops in and saves us is over. It is about time we all take back control of our country’s destiny.