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Another Boycott Underway After North Face Pushes LGBTQ Propaganda with Cross-Dressing Man

The outdoor apparel giant turned off the comments on the post but says they stand by their “inclusive vision.” Recent boycotts have driven conservatives to start using an app that allows users to find non-woke businesses.

DENVER, COLORADO — Another corporation is facing blowback after ramrodding a LGBTQ “pride” message into their followers’ social media feeds this week.‌‌

The North Face, an industry leader for outdoor apparel, could see significant financial losses amid mounting calls for boycotts in response to a video celebrating homosexuality and gender confusion. ‌‌

The company posted a video on Instagram of a homosexual man dressed up like a woman promoting the second-annual “Summer of Pride” tour.‌‌

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Along with the video, the company also debuted a rainbow-colored apparel line and announced partnerships with a number of major LGBTQ+ organizations.‌‌

Conservative influencer Robby Starbuck called out The North Face’s parent company, VF Corporation, naming some of the other brands under the same ownership.‌‌


The widespread criticism prompted the company to issue a statement in response – one that is not one likely to satisfy angry customers. ‌‌

“The North Face has always believed the outdoors should be a welcoming, equitable and safe place for all,” the statement read. “Creating community and belonging in the outdoors is a core part of our values and is needed now more than ever. We stand with those who support our vision for a more inclusive outdoor industry.”‌‌

The North Face turned off Instagram users’ ability to leave comments on the post as the negative responses dwarfed those in support of the message.‌‌

Users opted to send their messages on other posts where comments were not disabled.‌‌

One woman wrote: “MOST people, like the MAJORITY, DO NOT WANT THIS.”‌‌

“We just bought over $1,500 worth of @thenorthface merchandise on Tuesday for our summer trip,” another user wrote. “We will be returning it all back and never buy your product again. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with outdoors! You lost 2 great customers.”‌‌

One man pointed out the irony of silencing dissenters, writing in a comment: “Funny you turn off comments on your ‘inclusivity’ posts.”‌‌


The North Face video went viral just days after Target stock plummeted due to a clothing line that sought to normalize and celebrate children who are confused about their gender. One of Target’s designers was also exposed for promoting Satanism in products.‌‌

Last month, Bud Light’s advertising campaign with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney resulted in catastrophic losses. Fox News reports that the marketing decisions by Target and Bud Light have cost the public companies a combined $28 billion.‌‌

The bad news for these “woke” corporations is good news for PublicSq. (Public Square) – an app and website that boasts the largest platform of patriotic, freedom-loving businesses the nation has ever seen. The digital service helps people find businesses that share their values. ‌‌

Journalist Greg Price reported that the app was soaring up the charts as a result of the frustration from consumers.‌‌

As of 3 PM EST on Friday, PublicSq. is currently #4 among all free apps in the world and #2 among shopping apps.‌‌