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Berenson: Moderna Lied About Severe Vaccine Side Effects

The company never updated a study with the actual adverse events, says investigative reporter Alex Berenson.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Moderna lied about side effects from its mRNA vaccine in a medical trial, investigative reporter Alex Berenson claims.

“Moderna scientists said in a 2021 paper no mRNA jab recipients in the trial had ‘serious adverse effects.’ In fact, 14 ultimately did, including three miscarriages. No placebo recipients did,” Berenson writes.

According to Berenson, Moderna published results from the Phase 2 trial of the company’s mRNA Covid vaccine in the journal Vaccine in February of 2021.

The company had started its “P201” trial with 600 healthy volunteers in May 2020 and reported in the “Highlights” section at the top of the paper: “No serious adverse effects were observed.”

“That statement was untrue,” Berenson writes. “By the time Moderna’s scientists finished revising the Vaccine paper in early February, the company may have received up to four more reports of serious side effects. In all, during the placebo-controlled phase of the trial, which ended in early 2021, seven of the 400 healthy volunteers who received a two-shot regimen of Moderna’s vaccine suffered serious side effects,” he explains.

Moderna never updated the paper with these results, says Berenson. Instead, Pfizer and Moderna offered placebo recipients in P201 and the big trials the option to take the active vaccine – and most of them did.

“As a result, we do not have and will never have long-term safety data comparing people who received the jabs with those who received a placebo. The P201 safety dataset is the longest publicly available,” Berenson states.