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Biden's New Policy "Smells Like Socialism" - TFS Newsletter 5/5/23

A Letter from the Editor:

It’s the last week of Florida’s 2023 legislative session, and almost all of the governor’s biggest priorities have been accomplished. These include the removal of DEI, banning of ESG, banning of CBDC, abortion, constitutional carry, the expansion of parental rights, banning of sex reassignment surgery for minors, illegal immigration reform, tax relief, bathroom bill, and a balanced budget.

These wins highlight a clear coordination between the governor and the legislature, and a strong conservative future for the state of Florida.

As stated by Governor Ron DeSantis yesterday: “When I became governor, the first day I sat in the office, I kind of just looked around and I thought to myself, you know, I don't know what SOB is gonna succeed me in this office, but they ain't gonna have much to do because we're getting all the meat off the bone.”

As session wraps up, our Legislative Report newsletter will come to a close and our DeSantis Download will move to three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As always, we will continue our coverage of every major and minor issue that really matters to Floridians, and that affects you all every day.

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Thank you for being a supporter of The Florida Standard and God bless the Free State of Florida.

Will Witt
Editor in Chief

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