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Bills, Bills, Bills: Weekly Legislative Report – April 3, 2023

Florida’s fourth week of its 60-day legislative session was wrought with heated debates and day-long discussions over legislation that tackles controversial issues such as abortion, gender reassignment for minors and the death penalty for child rapists – with many of these same bills advancing to the House and Senate floors in hopes of becoming law.

In some of the biggest news of the week, Governor DeSantis signed several monumental bills into law, including school choice bill HB 1 and SB 102 – the “Live Local Act” – which bans local rent control measures.

As we enter the fifth – and shortest! – week of session, we prepare for three days of overflowing legislation. Thanks to Easter this Sunday, the legislators will return home early to be with their families, meaning Monday through Wednesday will hold a full week’s worth of bills. As more resolutions enter the House and Senate floors, we’re expected to see much of this legislation transform into law.

On this busy half-week agenda we have a six week abortion ban expected to pass the Senate, a potential ban on gender-reassignment surgeries for minors, medical freedom for employees and a myriad of controversial legislation designed to keep this short week mirroring the intensity of the 2023 legislative session.

Legislative Report: Brought to you by our reporters on the ground - Megan Nager and Liv Caputo

Bills To Keep an Eye on This Week:

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