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Black Dwarves and Woke Elves: Amazon Desecrates The Lord Of The Rings

Hollywood doesn’t care about you and it has no integrity. All Hollywood knows how to do these days is destroy.

When Tolkien fans heard Amazon was making a new Lord of the Rings show, they called for one thing above all else: an honest retelling of Tolkien’s work with reverence and accuracy to the original source material. Yet despite this being shouted from the rooftops by every Tolkien nerd with a twitter account, Amazon has decided with its new Rings of Power show to embrace the wokeness and push “the message.” The new series will showcase a new black elf, a badass, strong female Galadriel, a black dwarf queen (with no beard), a whole lot of crap CGI, and I can only imagine even more leftist nonsense. Transgender hobbits anyone?

I wholly understand most of you aren’t as big of Tolkien fans as I am, and all of this may seem rather innocuous and come across as me making a mountain out of a mole hill. Some of the common responses I have received to this stance are as follows:

It’s not a big deal bro, the story isn’t even real.”

“If you care so much about black elves in the new show you’re a racist.”

“Will is just mad white people aren’t playing every role in Hollywood anymore.”

I tweeted about this topic yesterday and of course, blue checkmark, leftist twitter picked it up and started screaming “racist” and “white supremacist” with reckless abandon at me for wanting to keep the story accurate to the original. Despite it taking five seconds to Google what Tolkien described Sylvan elves as looking like, or what Galadriel was doing during the Second Age of Middle Earth - which is the time the show is based on - I am a racist and sexist for wanting to preserve the authenticity of Tolkien's work.

I won’t sit here and bore you with all of Tolkien’s lore and description of his characters and timelines to prove that these characters are cast wrong, but just know these characters are nothing more than woke creations by the show runners that are wholly inaccurate to the source material. But all of this deals with a bigger problem in our culture that extends beyond elves and dwarves cast as a different race. What these decisions by Amazon go on to prove is that nothing is sacred, and everything can be changed or molded to fit whatever the message is.

To the people who come at me and say these changes aren’t a big deal, would you be okay with this?

How about this?

If these fake movies were real, you would never hear the end of it from the left. It would be the worst thing to ever happen, and according to them would go on to prove that racism is alive and well in America. If Black Panther - a fake created superhero - was changed to a white actor, your twitter timeline would be flooded for months with angry leftists complaining about white-washing. But as soon as it is a white, Catholic, English based story being changed with more “diversity,” you are a terrible racist who needs to just “get with the times” if you don’t support the bastardization.

I understand why the left wants these changes to The Lord of the Rings show, but to conservatives who tell me to stop complaining about this, you must understand that this is bigger than just some casting choice for a show. The left claims the changes aren’t a big deal in order to make you look crazy for questioning it, but if it’s “not a big deal” what the race or story of the characters are, then why change it in the first place? They change it because they hate what Tolkien stood for: good triumphing over evil, western values, and Christianity. There is no doubt that the left wants to destroy the values America and the West were founded on - the same values Tolkien believed in and represented in his works - and changing stories that helped define that culture are how they do it. It is subtle and sneaky, and told that it is all in the name of “representation, writing past wrongs, and fairness.” This is the same argument the left used for tearing down confederate statues in America, and the right went along with it and figured it would stop with Robert E. Lee, kowtowing to the left’s demands and saying “it’s not a big deal.” Well, now they’re tearing down statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, and they’re laughing at us for our weakness. You give the left an inch, they take a mile every time, and letting them come and desecrate the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien’s legacy is the next step to destroy all that once was good and revered in this world.

If Amazon wants to make their own fantasy show with lesbian black hobbits who defend their homeland from the anti-vax goblins, led by the Orange dark lord who on January 6th took over the peaceful transgender elves capitol, by all means go and do it. But don’t leech the Tolkien name and story to garner viewers for a show you had no intention of creating faithfully in the first place. There is much more to say here, such as how bad the show looks visually and how it shows the lack of artistic creativity the industry has now, or how the show looks to be not even following a coherent timeline within the Middle Earth universe, but alas, those are discussions for another day. What really matters is that all of these changes shows a lack of respect for the original story, and in turn, they show they have no respect for you. They think you are stupid and weak, and will continue to take advantage of us as long as we keep saying changes in all forms of art are okay and not a big deal. This is how marxism and postmodernism destroy us. As soon as we give up fighting for integrity, original intent, and truth in all forms, we lose exactly what we were fighting for in the first place.