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Black Market Abortion Pills, Fed Government Aids Illegal Immigration and more! - TFS Newsletter 4/28/23

A Letter from the Editor:

With one week left of lawmaking, the Florida legislature is ramping up to get all of the governor’s priorities accomplished on time. Top issues are the state budget, illegal immigration, medical freedom – and countering all of the “woke” issues you hear about on the news every day.

After the six-week abortion ban passed here in Florida, The Florida Standard went through the process of attempting to purchase abortion pills from a third party outside of the state, to see if it was possible to circumvent the legislation. Read about what happened below.

Politico Magazine also decided to do a full-length feature on me and The Florida Standard, comparing me to Zac Morris from Saved By The Bell and commenting heavily on the Trump vs. DeSantis battle raging on in Florida media. You can read that in full here.

Thank you for being a supporter of The Florida Standard and God bless the Free State of Florida.

Will Witt
Editor in Chief

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