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Board of Governors Suspends Florida Atlantic University’s Search for New President

According to a letter, candidates were asked questions about their sexual disposition and “preferred pronouns” during the recruitment process.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — In a sharply worded letter, the Board of Governors of the Florida State University System suspends Florida Atlantic University’s search for a new president.  

“Consistent with the Board’s oversight and supervisory capacity, this office has received concerning information regarding anomalies that have been alleged in the Florida Atlantic University presidential search,” Chancellor Ray Rodrigues states in the letter.

According to information received by the board of governors, the search firm involved in recruiting a new president was asking candidates questions about their sexual disposition and other “woke”-related factors.

Moreover, the search committee members were asked to rank candidates in a straw poll, where the results were kept secret. The board of governors states in the letter that Florida Statute makes such closed and off-the record procedures and meetings illegal.

“Additionally, at least one candidate reported he was requested to complete a questionnaire and answer if his sexual orientation was ‘queer’ and whether he was ‘a male or transgender male,’” Chancellor Rodrigues writes to Brad Levine, the Chair of Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees.

That same candidate was also asked about his “preferred pronouns” – which the board of governors in the letter deem “irrelevant, inappropriate, and potentially illegal.”