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Border Chaos Engineered by Biden, PRIDE Police and more! - TFS Newsletter 1/13/23

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A Letter from the Editor:

How long do you think it will take before the left starts hating the environment after DeSantis’ dedication of $3.5 billion to Florida’s natural resources?

It seems like in this state, and nationally at this point, the mainstream narrative is to preach the inverse of anything that happens in Florida and proclaim anything done by DeSantis is evil – despite the merits of the historic accomplishments and wins for the people and nature taking place here. The mainstream media and establishment is hellbent on destroying the free state of Florida, but that only happens if we let them. We can’t let up now.

As Florida remains the state where “woke goes to die,” Speaker Paul Renner stated this week that all university presidents must hand over diversity documents and hinted at new legal “guardrails” for universities in Florida.

The Florida Standard has also released the first issue of our four part series “The Death Protocols,” showcasing tragedies resulting from the health protocols of hospitals here in Florida during the COVID pandemic. These heartbreaking yet powerful stories will be released every Sunday on our website, so make sure you have tab open this weekend.

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Thank you all, and God bless Florida.

Will Witt
Editor in Chief

This week's top stories:

DeSantis Directs a Record $3.5 Billion to Florida’s Natural Resources

The governor sets out his boldest environmental agenda yet to move water south, reduce harmful discharges, improve water quality, harden the state’s resistance to flooding – and expand the Florida Wildlife Corridor.

Border Patrol Chief Ortiz Confirms Border Chaos Is Intentionally Engineered By Biden Administration

Testimony by U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz reveals the Biden administration knew its policies would create the chaos and destruction we now see at our southwestern border.

Speaker Renner Tells University Presidents to Hand Over Diversity Documents

Renner also hinted that new legal “guardrails” for universities could be coming soon in the legislature.

“Please Get Me Out of Here. They’re Trying To Kill Me.”

The Florida Standard presents the first feature in a four-part series on the theme “The Death Protocol.”

Miami Cops Police the Streets in Rainbow-Colored LGBTQ+ Cruiser

The Miami Police Department is conducting law enforcement activities in a vehicle wrapped in rainbow colors plus “Pride” and “LGBTQ+” messaging – which has caused some residents to question whether they will be treated equally under the law.

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