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BREAKING: AG Moody Uncovers Secret Biden Plan To Mass Release Illegal Aliens into U.S.

Directives uncovered in an email from the federal government could fundamentally alter the security and stability of the nation, says Florida’s attorney general in an exclusive interview.

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TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — A recently obtained email from the Biden administration on August 8 directed U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to revise “bookout targets” for field chiefs and deputies to “bring in-custody numbers to manageable levels.”

“A ‘bookout target’ is just a sugar-coated version of the word quota,” Attorney General Ashley Moody told The Florida Standard, explaining that the Biden administration is directing CBP to mass release a specific number of illegal aliens into the country each day.

“The only reason that we see this email from the Biden administration demanding Border Patrol increase the number of people that they are pushing into the interior is because Florida has been litigating and uncovering these secret plans all along the way,” Moody said, warning of national collapse: “When you are doing that so fast and at such historic numbers, the nation’s infrastructure cannot keep pace.”


Even Democratic states are now telling the Biden administration that they can’t handle any more illegal migrants arriving in their states. Even more concerning, Moody says, is the number of people on the terrorist watch list slipping through.

“To put it in perspective, 259 people on the terrorist watch list have been encountered just since Biden took office,” Moody revealed. “In Trump’s entire term, only 11 people on the terrorist watch list were encountered at the border.”

Moody says that a Florida’s grand jury empaneled to investigate what’s happening with illegal migrant children, reported that kids being pushed into the U.S. interior are in danger of assault, human trafficking and being sent to strip clubs in Florida.

“If we could help and support all those that need better lives in this world, I’m sure that anyone would pray for that,” Moody said. “In fact, I pray for that. I’m a Christian. But what is happening to the infrastructure of this country as a result of the unprecedented engineering of the destruction of our border by Biden is unconscionable. It’s inhumane.”


Moody says that this month, CBP expects to see 230,000 people encountered at the southern border, and that number doesn’t include gotaways.

“If you extrapolate throughout the rest of Biden’s term, using those projected numbers and what he’s already encouraged and encountered at the border, the number of people that would make up would surpass the population in all but six of our largest states in this union,” Moody said.

The engineered chaos at the border will fundamentally alter the security and stability of the nation, according to Moody. The decision by the Biden administration to stop deporting illegals who are committing serious crimes and felonies is the exact opposite of protecting the nation.

“There is absolutely no way they can ensure the safety of this country. As a mother it’s devastating to see what’s happening to these children the federal government has lost track of and not served,” Moody said.


According to statistics kept by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, at least 345,000 children have crossed the U.S. southern border unaccompanied since early 2021 and 85,000 children have gone missing.

According to CBP, nearly 20,000 illegal migrants are being detained with agents reporting an average of 6,000 new encounters daily – the rest are being released into the U.S. On Wednesday, over 9,100 illegal migrants were encountered at the border.

Last month, Florida joined as a party to a federal trial in Texas challenging Biden’s Humanitarian Parole Policy allowing 30,000 immigrants from select countries to automatically enter the U.S. every month.