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Car-Length Croc Spotted in Florida Everglades

After months of searching, wildlife photographer Kymberly Clark finally spotted what’s believed to be the largest reptile in the Florida Everglades.

FLORIDA EVERGLADES - Wildlife photographer Kymberly Clark has been searching for a legendary 14-foot crocodile in the Florida Everglades for months. “Croczilla” is believed to be the largest crocodile in the Florida Everglades.

On Sunday, Clark came face-to-face with the enormous reptile as she was driving away “feeling defeated.”

“I passed the last truck that was hauling kayaks and there it was!” Clark wrote on Instagram. “When I saw this guy, I am not sure who opened their mouth wider, Croczilla or me?”

In her video posted on Instagram, the crocodile is seen at the edge of the water, opening its huge mouth and showing off its sharp teeth.

Video: Kym Clark, @kym_clark

So excited to have finally met him,” Clark wrote on Instagram. “The open mouth is not a sign of aggression but usually a way of regulating body temperature or a yawn. That being said, always keep a safe distance from crocodiles and other wildlife.”

Photo: Kym Clark, @kym_Clark

Crocodiles do not have the ability to stick out their tongues – they are held in place with a membrane to protect the beast’s airways when swimming underwater.

Crocodiles are native to South Florida, and though they look intimidating, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, they are shy and reclusive animals. American crocodiles are a threatened species and hunting crocodiles in the U.S. is illegal.