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Casey DeSantis Fires Up “Mamas for DeSantis” in Iowa with Video Replaying Parental Horrors

The campaign ad features disturbing clips of Leftist policies, including a mother arrested at a public park, children crying as masks are forced on them and blatant sexualization efforts at “Pride” parades.

JOHNSTON, IOWA — Casey DeSantis kicked off “Mama’s for DeSantis” on Thursday with a video designed to stir the emotions of mothers across America.

The video debuted just hours before Florida’s first lady and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds launched “Mamas for DeSantis” in the Hawkeye State.

The two-and-a-half-minute campaign ad begins with several clips capturing the horrors of Left-wing policies. These include men dominating women’s sports in the name of “equality,” forcing masks on young children in the name of “safety” and sexualizing children in the name of “inclusion.”

“In America, we’ve witnessed a lot and put up with enough,” the Florida first lady says as she narrates the video. “We’ve been forced into silence, into compliance, told that we must trust the science. We have been told that we must deny truth, back down, and look the other way.”

In one scene, a mother is arrested for bringing her child to an outdoor playground in defiance of government orders.

“But enough is enough,” DeSantis continues. “When you come after our kids, we fight back. Because there’s nothing we won’t do to protect our children.”

“These are our kids,” she adds. “Not somebody else's kids; they're all our kids.”

Following this commentary, clips are played of President Joe Biden claiming “Our nation’s children are all our children” and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying “These are our children.”

“They’re not yours,” DeSantis responds. “We will not allow you to exploit their innocence to advance your agenda. We are no longer silent. We are united. And we have finally found our fighter.”

“He’ll do for America what he did for us in Florida.”

The video then transitions into clips of Governor Ron DeSantis’ comments on core issues in between his wife’s praise of his prominent political stands – including opening schools in 2020 during COVID, protecting parents’ rights, enacting universal school choice, banning Critical Race Theory (CRT), restricting Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs, prohibiting sex changes for gender confused minors and restricting men from competing in women’s sports.


The tweet garnered 3.5 million views less than 24 hours after it was posted.

One Iowa man responded with a ringing endorsement of the video, writing: “This is the best ad I’ve seen in politics in decades. Really, since Reagan.”

In 2022, “Mamas for DeSantis” signed up 1.1 million Florida moms to help secure the governor’s re-election. The initiative constituted the largest parent-led movement in Florida history.

Scores of women replied to the tweet with sentiments that echoed the message of the video. Janine Curran, a mother and teacher, applauded DeSantis’ commitment to fighting for parental rights during his first five years as governor.

“Politicians often ignore issues that affect children because children are politically powerless,” Curran wrote. “And there are unions, activists & corporations with big megaphones & big donations. But they forgot about the Mamas. We know who has been fighting for our kids.”