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CDC Data: Over 700,000 of Vaccinated in Massive Study Forced to Seek Medical Care for Severe Side Effects

After a lawsuit against the CDC, the Informed Consent Network has compiled the raw data from the V-Safe vaccine monitoring app. The results show a remarkable amount of severe side effects.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) created a smartphone app called V-Safe, where users could report adverse events after COVID vaccination. Now, the nonprofit organization ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) has gotten access to the data after suing the CDC twice under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The CDC finally agreed “good-faith” negotiations between the parties, which has led to the release of a first batch of records. More CDC information is expected to be released to ICAN on October 14.

After receiving the raw data from the CDC, ICAN has ingested it and built a web-based tool where anyone interested can explore the data in a visual way.

The release so far includes records from 10,108,273 users who took one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Out of those users, 7.7 percent or 782,913 individuals experienced such severe adverse events that they had to seek medical care, ended up in the emergency room and/or were hospitalized.


What’s remarkable is also that these participants experienced a stunning amount of side effects – over 71 million symptoms were reported. Out of those, the most common were pain, fatigue and headaches. Over four million symptoms were reported as “severe.”

“Reported symptoms include, for example, over 4 million reports of joint pain, a very concerning immune reaction. While around 2 million of these joint pain reports were mild, over 1.8 million of the reports were for moderate joint pain and over 400,000 were for severe joint pain,” ICAN stated in a press release.


Infants were also included in the V-Safe data – about 13,000 children under two years of age.

“For these 13,000 children, there were over 33,000 symptoms experienced that were significant enough to report, with the most common symptoms being irritability, sleeplessness, pain, and loss of appetite.  These are very concerning since babies cannot speak and hence these symptoms are how they often communicate that something is wrong,” ICAN added in their statement.

The V-Safe program only included less than four percent of people that received a COVID-19 vaccine.