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Charity Workers Interfere, Threaten Journalists Reporting on Migration Operation

Organizations running logistics for the federal government’s illegal alien surge act like they have something to hide.

CALIFORNIA / NEW YORK — When investigative reporter Ben Bergquam tried to talk to migrants in line for processing at a California border crossing in the town of San Ysidro, staff members of a non-governmental organization tried to interfere with his duties.

A male worker with a charity called Jewish Family Service of San Diego told migrants not to speak with Bergquam. When he asked why, his female colleague said: “Because you are being rude to them.”

This was clearly a lie, since the video proves that Bergquam was approaching the migrants in a respectful and caring way. Bergquam tried to ask questions about the organization, but the staff acted evasively and refused to provide any information.

Far from California – in Newburgh, New York – reporter Heather Mullins attempted to find out what organization was behind renting an entire Ramada Inn hotel and filling it up with military-age foreigners of unknown extraction.

She was met with hostility from the migrants’ minders – likely working for an NGO – and threatened by a security guard without identification badge or company uniform, who addressed her aggressively with a heavy accent.

Moments later, local police showed up and told Mullins that she had to leave the property or face the risk of being charged with trespassing and arrested.

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