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Clash at the Capitol: Weekly Legislative Report – March 20, 2023

The second week of Florida’s 60-day legislative session was brimming with intense debates and impassioned protests from lawmakers and the citizens of Florida alike.

Many contentious bills passed with bipartisan support, showcasing the willingness of the legislature to prioritize and uphold the governor’s “Freedom Blueprint”, including a focus on trans legislation, higher education, and immigration.

The third week of the session is already rife with controversy, dividing both lawmakers and citizens along party lines. One of the more controversial bills is a six-week abortion ban, paving the way for Florida to have some of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. Up next is the prohibition of preferred pronouns in schools, the death penalty for child rapists, and much more!  

Legislative Report: Brought to you by our reporters on the ground - Megan Nager and Liv Caputo

Bills To Keep an Eye on This Week:

Monday, March 20

Senate Committee on Health Policy

SB 300: Pregnancy and Parenting Support

Proposed by Senator Erin Grall (R-Fort Pierce), this bill would:

  • Ban abortions after 6 weeks
  • Make an exception of for rape and incest before 15 weeks, but require documentation or records of the alleged rape/incest

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