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Complaints Against DeSantis Dismissed by Ethics Commission

“Frivolous and politically motivated attacks” on the Florida governor ahead of a possible presidential bid have fizzled out.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Two ethics complaints against Governor Ron DeSantis were dismissed by the Florida Commission on Ethics this week for “lack of legal sufficiency.”

Nikki Fried, head of the Florida Democratic Party, alleged money DeSantis’ political committee spent on a three-day retreat in Palm Beach was an improper gift to the governor. The event at the Four Seasons was billed as a celebration of the “Florida Blueprint.”

“This is yet another example of Ron DeSantis arrogantly thinking he is above the law. No one is above the law,” Fried said.

DeSantis’ Communications Director Taryn Fenske dismissed the complaint, similar to another one filed earlier in March by super-PAC MAGA, Inc. – which supports former President Donald Trump.

“Just like the one from two weeks ago, we’ll just add this to the list of frivolous & politically motivated attacks,” Fenske wrote on Twitter. “Louder for the Dems in the back: It’s inappropriate to use ethics complaints for partisan purposes.”

Evan Power, Vice Chair of the Florida Republican Party, also weighed in: “Nikki Fried filing an ethics complaint is like asking Freddy [Krueger] to set up a first aid tent.”

Political committees in Florida can accept unlimited donations from any donor, and historically, state ethics panels have given these committees broad leeway on spending.