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Confronted Over Vaccine Deaths, Trump Doubles Down on COVID Jabs at Iowa Town Hall

“There’s a big portion of the country that thinks it was a great thing,” Trump said – noting that the people he referred to probably were not present in the room.

GRIMES, IOWA — During a meeting with voters in Iowa on Thursday, former President Donald Trump got noticeably uncomfortable when a woman in the audience said:

“We’ve lost people because you supported the jab. What were you thinking when you did that?”

Trump responded that “everybody wanted a vaccine at that time” and that he “was able to do something that nobody else could have done – getting it done very, very rapidly.”

Remarkably, Trump also justified his promotion of the shots with the fact that other people – notably not his constituents – still were happy with taking them:

“There’s a big portion of the country that thinks it was a great thing,” Trump said and gestured to the woman who posed the question: “You understand that?”

Trump has consistently expressed pride over his role in launching Operation Warp Speed, while also taking credit for the rapid development of the mRNA vaccines.

But plenty of openly accessible evidence suggests that Trump crediting himself with being “the father of the vaccine” is – at the very best – a dubious claim. The U.S. Department of Defense had been working on these products since at least 2012, when DARPA – the military’s secretive research agency – launched a program to develop mRNA injections.

“In 2012 with the ADEPT:PROTECT program, DARPA began investing in the development of gene-encoded vaccines, a new category of preventive measures based on DNA or RNA,” the agency acknowledged in a presentation.

The following year, DARPA invested $25 million in a then-unknown company called Moderna.

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Earlier this week, The Florida Standard reported on former MIT lead microbiologist Kevin McKernan’s discovery that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are contaminated with DNA from a cancer-causing monkey virus called SV40.