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Conservative Educational Organization PragerU’s Materials Can Now Be Used in Florida Schools

PragerU’s common-sense, pro-American educational program is taking the leap from the home to the classroom.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — A major change may be coming to classrooms across America – and students in the Sunshine State can be first to experience it. Conservative educational organization PragerU announced today that their K-12 educational materials have been approved by the state of Florida.

“In the past, teachers have been disciplined – even fired – for showing PragerU videos in their classrooms. Now, PragerU videos are not only being allowed in classrooms but superintendents and education commissioners are actively encouraging teachers to use PragerU’s content to educate their students,” the organization writes in a statement provided to The Florida Standard.

Teachers can use PragerU’s videos, worksheets and activities to support their classes in Civics, for example.

“Thousands of American teachers and school board members have contacted PragerU desperate for wholesome, quality, engaging resources to help educate their students. They are sick and tired of curriculum laced with radical political agendas – from Critical Race Theory and gender fluidity to overt anti-Americanism,” PragerU states.

More than a million American households have downloaded PragerU’s app and the organization’s material is being used by families to counter the radical Leftist agenda that has seeped into many school curricula. Now, PragerU is pushing to make their content available as a supplemental resource to teachers in as many states as possible.

“Left-wing media outlets and teachers’ unions will undoubtedly continue to attack PragerU,” the conservative educator predicts. “These biased organizations are outraged because PragerU effectively counters the left-wing propaganda they are pushing on children. They don’t want children to be exposed to an education grounded in our nation’s founding principles and traditional values that inspires self-reliance, gratitude, and a love of America,” PragerU says.