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Could a Florida Legislator Be FAU’s Next President?

As a public institution, Florida Atlantic University must undergo an extensive search process when filling executive vacancies, but there is a legislator who might fit the bill.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA — FAU made it to the the final 4, but that’s not the only big news coming out of the Boca Raton Research University. Tallahassee insiders close with the Legislature and Governor DeSantis’ administration have confirmed that Rep. Randy Fine (R-Brevard) is being encouraged to apply for the job as FAU’s president.

“I have been approached about the position,” Chairman Fine told The Florida Standard. “It’s obviously very flattering for the governor to want me to do this. It’s something I will consider seriously.”

Florida universities are required to undergo an extensive search committee process, but if Chairman Fine does throw his hat into the ring, the odds would likely be in his favor. Fine serves as one of Florida’s six commissioners to the education commission of states.

Chairman Fine has a history of being a champion for education in Florida. His conservative principles and extensive background in the legislature – including education and employment committees and the appropriations committee where he leads appropriations for higher education.