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COVID-19 Is a Sophisticated Military and Intelligence Operation Against Civilian Population, mRNA Inventor Claims

Under the auspices of fighting a pandemic, tools and methods developed by the U.S. military to fight insurgencies on foreign battlefields have been turned against the civilian population of Western countries, Dr. Robert Malone said.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — In a speech at a conference held in Stockholm, Sweden at the end of last month, inventor of mRNA technology Dr. Robert Malone told the audience that COVID-19 is a military and intelligence operation against the civilian population of the Western world.

Malone claims that nefarious actors in our own state institutions are employing “Fifth Generation Warfare” against regular people, and that COVID-19 was the launch of this operation.

Fifth Generation Warfare is a war of information and perception – where the mind is the battlespace – Malone argues.

“It has been deployed by military, largely, and intelligence communities on the entire Western world in an amazingly harmonized fashion during the COVID crisis,” Malone said at the conference, which gathered experts in medical, legal and other disciplines who are critical of the COVID agenda as it has been pushed by governments and mainstream media.

According to Malone, methods, tools and technologies developed by the U.S. defense establishment to fight insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan have been turned against the civilian population of Western countries. This includes manipulation of people by means of psychological warfare and information operations. Malone identifies social media platforms like Twitter as “weapons” used for this purpose.

“Over the last three years, Western governments, non-governmental organizations, transnational organizations, pharmaceutical industry corporations, media and financial corporations have cooperated – via public-private partnerships – which I assert is a euphemism for fascism – to deploy the most massive, globally harmonized psychological and propaganda operation in the history of the world,” Malone stated in his lecture.

Malone told the audience that the world we thought we lived in pre-COVID no longer exists, and that we don’t know who is pulling the real strings behind this attack on civilians. People like Klaus Schwab and Anthony Fauci are merely figureheads, he said.