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Democrat Politician Agrees with DeSantis, Calls Rejected AP Course “Trash”

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has been an outspoken critic of the governor, but the two men agree on the lack of educational value in the recently rejected AP African American Studies course.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — One of Governor Ron DeSantis’ most vocal critics supports the state’s decision to reject the College Board’s AP African American Studies course for high schoolers. When asked his thoughts on the recent controversy, Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor blasted the course as “trash,” according to Tallahassee Reports.

“There is grave concern about the tone and the tenor of leadership’s voice from the highest spaces in our state being hostile to teaching of African American history. Well frankly I’m against the College Board’s curriculum,” Proctor said.

“I think it’s trash. It’s not African American history. It is ideology,” he continued. “I’ve taught African American history, I’ve structured syllabuses for African American history. I am African American history. And talking about ‘queer’ and ‘feminism’ and all of that for the struggle for freedom and equality and justice has not been no tension with queerness and feminist thought at all.”

Proctor has been an ardent opponent of the governor and believes that serious racial problems still plague America. Last April, he penned an op-ed in the Tallahassee Democrat where he called DeSantis a “clear warrior against the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.”

Proctor teaches Political Science at Florida A&M, a historically black university in Tallahassee. Since 1985, he has served as a minister at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church.