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Democrat Strategist: “We Know Biden Would Beat Trump”

Democrat strategist Kevin Walling said he’d like to see Trump win the Republican nomination – because they know Biden would beat him.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Sunday, Democratic strategist Kevin Walling said the media wants Trump to win the Republican presidential nomination because they know Biden can beat Trump at the polls.

Walling told host Howard Kurtz and political contributor Charly Arnolt on Media Buzz that mainstream media loves to fuel the narrative that Donald Trump could win the nomination because it’s good for ratings.

Ron DeSantis’ political “War Room” account on Twitter quickly posted the clip to draw a sharp contrast between the Florida governor and former President Trump.

“As a Democrat, that is who I would like to see win the GOP nomination,” Walling said.

Back in March, Walling told Fox News’ Jimmy Failla that out of all the Republican candidates, Trump would be the easiest for Biden to beat – because he’s “done it before.” But Walling went on to say that the Republican candidate who “can appeal to the suburban folks and bring back kind of the more compassionate conservatism” would be a bigger challenge to Biden in 2024.

“So I think anyone who can do that effectively – talk about crime, bring more suburban folks, not just women but also men to the fold – because crime is a key issue – and do it in a compassionate way, that’s dangerous for the Democrats,” Walling explained.

In another tweet, the DeSantis campaign posted a series of media clips telling followers: “It’s subtle, but if you listen closely, you can figure out who Democrats want to face in 2024.”