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DeSantis: “After Historic Reelection in Florida, People Have Identified Me as a Threat”

Ron DeSantis says despite the hit pieces against him from the corporate press, he’s ready for next week’s debate.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — On Wednesday, Ron DeSantis told Fox News’ Guy Benson that he’s a threat to both Democrats and former President Donald Trump.

“If Trump thought he had this nomination in the bag, he wouldn’t worry about me,” DeSantis said. “Ever since we won reelection in Florida by such a historic margin, people have identified me as a threat.”

DeSantis says the Trump campaign wants to create a narrative that he’s the predetermined nominee. But he says the fact that they “frantically attack” him shows they don’t actually believe that.

“The Democrats have identified me as a threat,” DeSantis said. “Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, they spend more time attacking me than anybody else. The media, they’ve been after me. I’ve probably had more hit pieces from the corporate press than any other candidate running.”

“And then, of course, Donald Trump. He started running ads against me months before I was even a declared candidate for president,” DeSantis added.

Heading into next week’s debate, DeSantis said he sees an opportunity to speak to a large audience of voters who might not be paying attention yet – and he’s ready.

“If you look at how this field develops, clearly, I’m the only guy that Trump’s campaign attacks, basically,” DeSantis said. “And then the other candidates, a lot of them don’t really say much about Donald Trump, and they focus more on me.”