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DeSantis: “Are You Ready to Keep Florida Free?”

“Since we’ve had your backs for the past four years, we just ask that you have mine tomorrow. We’ve fought the good fight in Florida,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA — In a final push before Tuesday’s election, Governor Ron DeSantis spoke today at a “Don’t Tread on Florida” campaign stop in Palm Beach County.

In a warehouse for heavy machinery, DeSantis spoke next to a massive John Deere tractor with an American flag draped behind it. It was standing room only at the intimate venue. Supporters waved “Keep Florida Free and “Don’t Tread on Me” signs. On the road, several extra large flags with the face of the governor and the Florida seal flew in the wind.

Dave Kerner, a Palm Beach County commissioner who fought to keep mask mandates in place in the county after the governor banned them, was invited to give some brief opening remarks. “Palm Beach County is a special place, and yes, I’m a Democrat who is endorsing Governor Ron DeSantis,” Kerner said amid a booing crowd.

“Go talk to any of Florida’s elected sheriffs, and they’ll tell you that they support Governor DeSantis,” Kerner said. “I believe in safe neighborhoods and personal freedom. It was Charlie Crist who said recently that if you think the way I think, then ‘I don’t want your vote,’” he added.

The governor touted the successes of the past four years, asking the crowd if they loved living in the free state of Florida. “This Tuesday, we keep it that way,” DeSantis said.


“Criminal aliens coming across the border – including over ninety suspected terrorists last fiscal year alone – have been reported by Biden’s DHS,” DeSantis said. “But they don’t care about that,” he added. “They only care about the border when fifty [illegal aliens] show up to Martha’s Vineyard, then they get upset,” he said.

DeSantis alluded to the actions of former prosecutor Andrew Warren when he said that Florida would not tolerate progressive, left-wing prosecutors who say they are going to reform the criminal justice system. “They ignore laws they don’t like,” DeSantis said. “Prosecutors cannot ignore the law. We had one in Tampa who was trying to do that in Florida. I removed him from his post,” he added.


The governor said that we need “a school system whose mission is to educate our kids, not to indoctrinate them.” He then reiterated that he wants parents to have a seat at the table regarding their kids’ education. “We’ve banned toxic ideology like critical race theory,” DeSantis said. “We won’t teach our kids to hate each other or to hate this country. Instead, we are going to teach what it means to be an American citizen,” he added.

“Since we’ve had your backs for the past four years, we just ask that you have mine tomorrow. We’ve fought the good fight in Florida, and I’m just about ready to finish the race in this first term. We’ve kept the faith with the voters that we’ve made promises to,” said DeSantis.