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DeSantis: “Biden is Kind of Like Jimmy Carter”

Ron DeSantis compared himself to Ronald Reagan while outlining his path to victory in 2024.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — Ron DeSantis says voters in key swing states are crucial to his unique path to victory in 2024.

During an interview on Wisconsin’s Mark Belling Show, DeSantis compared key states such as Wisconsin to Florida, touting his landslide victory in the long-time swing state.

“I look at Wisconsin, and I say, if you can’t win Wisconsin, you will not get the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” DeSantis said. “It is a must-win state for a Republican. It’s a very closely divided state, kind of like Florida was before I came on the scene.”


DeSantis says Biden has become so unpopular and he sees the “ingredients” to turn Wisconsin red, building off that success moving forward.

“How do you do it? DeSantis asked. “You have got to make sure your base is coming out. I got the highest percentage of Republicans that any governor candidate’s ever gotten in history,” he added, speaking about his reelection in Florida.

“But we won 62 percent of Latinos. We won women by eight percent. We even won independents by 18 percent,” DeSantis boasted.

DeSantis admits that appealing to people outside of his base is also critical to earning votes, claiming he would bring the same conservative successes he’s accomplished in Florida to the White House.

“I have a better record than any Republican in the country of actually beating the Left,” DeSantis said. “You want to talk about George Soros prosecutors? I’m the only Republican in the country that has removed a Soros prosecutor.”

“We beat the Left on indoctrination of our kids. We beat Disney on the sexual indoctrination of our kids. We beat the Left on illegal immigration, and so on.”


Delivering results is the “frame of mind” DeSantis says it will take to attract voters that will “get behind us in ways that are probably bigger than we’ve seen in the last 20 or 25 years as Republicans.”

“What I would just tell folks out there listening is Biden is kind of like Jimmy Carter,” DeSantis contended. “When Reagan came on the scene, the country lost confidence in Carter. They were willing to go in a different direction. I think we’re in the same place with Biden.”

The governor said his record of achievements and positive vision can propel him to win the popular vote in 2024, reminding voters that Republicans only won the popular vote once – in 1988, when President Reagan was elected.

“The situation is right,” DeSantis told Belling. “We just have to capitalize.”