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DeSantis Expected to Make Major Announcement on Twitter Tomorrow

Tune in to Twitter Spaces Wednesday evening for a major announcement about future plans from Ron DeSantis.

FLORIDA — The Florida Standard is expecting Ron DeSantis to announce that he is officially entering the race for the White House tomorrow evening during a discussion with Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

At 6:00 pm on Wednesday, DeSantis will be on Twitter Spaces to address followers after months of buildup around his potential candidacy. The Florida Standard expects that official paperwork with the Federal Election Commission will be filed around the same time.

Fox News is reporting that DeSantis will give his first national TV interview with Trey Gowdy Wednesday night at 8 pm Eastern following his announcement.

For months DeSantis has toured the country to proactively set the stage for an official presidential bid, and tomorrow’s discussion about future plans coincides with the meeting scheduled this week in Miami with top campaign donors.

It’s likely that DeSantis will also hold a formal campaign kickoff event but his political team has yet to share details. The move will quickly launch the governor into a fierce battle on a national stage as he promotes his success in Florida to build a political brand that could shape the future of Americans.