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DeSantis Family Braves Rain to March in NH Independence Day Parades

Despite the summer downpour, the governor and his family stopped to chat with local residents to hear their hopes and concerns.

MERRIMACK, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Ron DeSantis spent this Independence Day in the Granite State, marching with citizens in the Merrimack parade and chatting with local residents in Wolfeboro.

The governor and presidential hopeful got soaked in the summer rain, and so did his family – but the weather didn’t seem to bother them, as they were all smiles.

Ron DeSantis also posted a patriotic Independence Day speech on Twitter, where he mentioned Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Ronald Reagan:

“We are blessed to have a country founded on principles of freedom, and it is our duty to preserve and defend the sacred fire of liberty as these principles are constantly under attack,” the governor wrote.

In an interview with Salena Zito, DeSantis talked about America’s upcoming 250th anniversary and what he would do to highlight it:

“I think this is an opportunity to do some great civics education for this country. How did we get to the point where they declared independence? … I would like to highlight some of the key founders and really get that back into the bloodstream, because that’s kind of been a lost art in many schools around this country,” DeSantis said.

Floridians – who didn’t get to see their governor on July 4th – could instead rejoice with a four-day weekend: DeSantis gave all state and public workers Monday off.