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DeSantis Gets $1 Million Campaign Boost in 24 Hours After GOP Debate

Campaign Manager James Uthmeier says he’s thrilled with the flood of support since DeSantis’ “debate victory.”

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Ron DeSantis raised over $1 million within twenty-four hours of the first GOP debate, sparking renewed excitement around his performance.

The all-day fundraiser on Thursday – with donors and Ron DeSantis himself – resulted in a flood of new donations, indicating a sense of renewal among staff and supporters.


“Ron DeSantis showed Wednesday night that he is a proven leader who will deliver results as president, and we are thrilled with the flood of support we have received since his debate victory,” DeSantis Campaign Manager James Uthmeier told The Florida Standard.

“We look forward to building on this momentum in the weeks and months ahead as the governor continues to outwork everyone in this race as he lays out his vision to reverse our nation’s decline and revive the American Dream,” Uthmeier added.


Allies and donors celebrated DeSantis’ debate performance, saying he remained mature and presidential amid the mudslinging going on around him.

“People were very happy and excited by his showing,” said Hal Lambert, GOP mega-donor and CEO of investment firm Point Bridge Capital. “He got his name out there, he got his message out there and so many people haven't seen it.”

“The more we do these, people are going to realize he’s the only one on that stage that has a chance of beating Trump and is the only one that has a chance to become president,” Lambert added.

The spike in support for DeSantis follows several critical changes made within his campaign, including staff cuts and replacing campaign manager Generra Peck with former gubernatorial chief of staff James Uthmeier. The campaign said the renewed support and excitement is translating into increased financial support.

Republican voters also expressed a positive outlook on DeSantis’ performance. In a recent poll, 29 percent of respondents said he “won the debate.”