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DeSantis in New Hampshire: “I Want To Break the Swamp”

At a town hall in Hollis, a fired-up Florida governor and Republican presidential hopeful told voters that simply draining the swamp is not enough.

HOLLIS, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Today, Ron DeSantis told voters in New Hampshire that there is a great divide between governing philosophies in our country.

“The ideas that we fight for matter,” DeSantis said. “The ideas that we’ve implemented in Florida have worked.”

He contrasted his administration’s efforts with Leftist politics implemented in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.


But DeSantis also drew sharp contrasts between himself and former President Trump, telling voters that he’ll finish the wall across the entire southern border while simultaneously tearing down the corrupt political power structure in the nation’s capital.

When asked about those who voted twice for Trump because he promised to “drain the swamp” – the governor went into full assault mode:

“He didn’t drain it. It’s worse today than it’s ever been,” DeSantis said, adding that draining suggests that the next president could just “refill it.”

“I want to break the swamp,” DeSantis said, pledging to direct every cabinet secretary to reduce the number of employees in the D.C. district by 50 percent.

The idea that federal agencies, operating with impunity, with no constitutional accountability, while abusing power seemed to unleash a new kind of fire in Ron DeSantis, as he stood on the stage and looked out over the audience.

“The president has to hold them accountable,” he said. “So we’re gonna end the weaponization of government. And that means DOJ, that means FBI, IRS – all of these agencies are going to be turned inside and out.”


DeSantis went on to say that Florida represents a governing philosophy rooted in the principles of the Founding Fathers – based on common sense.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen this experiment play out,” DeSantis said. “Washington is mimicking – not Florida, not some of the other states that are doing well – they’re mimicking Illinois, they’re mimicking New York and they’re mimicking places like California and it’s obviously made our country much worse off.”

Aside from no income tax and the second lowest tax burden in the country, DeSantis says people are relocating to Florida in droves because Leftist policies have created a “government-induced inflationary spiral.”

“You’ve seen policies that have caused people to pay more for everyday items like groceries, rent, utilities – all these things have gone through the roof,” DeSantis said.

“What’s happened in the last few years is, they borrowed, they spent and they printed trillions and trillions of dollars. I think the bill has been paid by average Americans in the form of these higher prices that have really pinched particularly working people.”

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