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DeSantis Leads Crist by Double Digits, New Poll Indicates

The governor’s recent political moves have angered the American Left and brought new confidence to the Right.

In a recent poll by Echelon Insights, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads over Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist with double digits. According to the poll, respondents gave DeSantis a ten-point lead, with 52 percent to Charlie Crist’s 42 percent, Breitbart reported in an Instagram post.

In another poll, this one by USA Today/Suffolk, DeSantis led over his challenger with seven points – 48 percent to 41 percent.

The Florida Standard has previously reported on a Florida poll where GOP voters place DeSantis above President Trump as preferred candidate in the 2024 presidential race. It seems clear that the governor’s popularity is skyrocketing, likely from a number of high-profile political moves and statements.


Governor DeSantis has angered the Left and brought new confidence to the Right by his recent move in sending illegal immigrants to the Liberal bulwark-resort Martha’s Vineyard. DeSantis has emerged as the only powerful politician with both the resources and the audacity to challenge the Biden Administration and its backers in media and policy.

His latest press conference, where he rebuked Marxism, Leninism and other socialist ideologies, was combined with an announcement of an executive order blocking Chinese technology from key Florida information systems and technologies.