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DeSantis: “Live Free or Die, Man… Concealed Weapons Are a Constitutional Right”

The governor answered questions from New Hampshire voters on gun rights, Trump and the definition of “woke.”

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Ron DeSantis finished up a four-day presidential campaign in New Hampshire on Tuesday by answering questions from voters during a taping of Conversation with the Candidate for ABC’s WMUR.


When one voter asked whether he would sign legislation to allow concealed carry of weapons nationwide, DeSantis echoed the motto of the Granite State.

“Yes. Live free or die, man. Come on,” DeSantis exclaimed. “This is a constitutional right. You’re here in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has been very clear.”

Another voter asked DeSantis to define what “woke” means to him.

“Woke is a form of cultural Marxism,” DeSantis explained. “It’s about taking individuality, merit and achievement and subordinating that to a political agenda based on identity politics. It is effectively displacing the truth in favor of ideology.”

“I think the governor did quite well,” Sean Van Anglen of Merrimack told WMUR. “Obviously, here in New Hampshire you have to come and get asked the tough questions. I think he feels more and more comfortable here in the state.”


In addition to some tough questions, DeSantis addressed his handling of the onslaught of insults from former President Donald Trump.

“There are millions of voters out there who do not like what Biden is doing to this country,” DeSantis said. “They do not like the direction the country is going in, but they aren’t going to sign up for a candidate who is behaving like that.”

“Let’s be better,” DeSantis added. “Let’s look higher and let’s set a good standard for our children to follow.”

The full recording of Conversation with the Candidate featuring Ron DeSantis will be released Friday at 7 pm on