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DeSantis Picks Up 35 New Endorsements from South Carolina Leaders

DeSantis now boasts 50 total endorsements in the Palmetto State and over 295 endorsements from local leaders nationwide.

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA — Today, Ron DeSantis received 35 new endorsements from South Carolina state legislators and local leaders. The new wave of support comes in addition to the 15 state legislators who have already endorsed the governor in the Palmetto State.

“Governor DeSantis has a forward-looking vision to reverse the decline of this nation and get our economy back on track for working for families in South Carolina and across the country,” South Carolina State Rep. Joe Bustos said.

“As a fellow veteran, Ron DeSantis uniquely understands the service and sacrifice of our military, veterans, and their families, and I am proud to endorse him to be the next Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States,” Bustos added.

DeSantis now boasts over 295 endorsements from state legislators and local leaders nationwide.

“I am proud to endorse Ron DeSantis for president,” Tega Cay Mayor pro tempore Tom Hyslip said. “Governor DeSantis is a leader who delivered the most conservative agenda in the nation in Florida, cutting taxes, providing economic relief for working families, protecting personal freedoms, supporting law enforcement, and fighting for parents’ rights.”

DeSantis has been endorsed by 99 state legislators in his home state of Florida, 51 in New Hampshire, 39 in Iowa, 20 in Oklahoma and 19 in Michigan.