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DeSantis’ Policies Draw Cops to Florida, FOP Vice President Says

First responders are moving to Florida in record numbers because they are finding a community that supports them, according to National Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Joe Gamaldi.

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TEXAS — National Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Joe Gamaldi told Fox Business that law enforcement officers are moving to Florida because of how Governor Ron DeSantis “sets the tone and doesn’t back down from the woke mob.”

Referring to first responders, Gamaldi says, “they still want to help people, so you’re seeing just this mass exodus from places like Chicago, New York, and even California. These officers are looking for a place, for a community, that actually supports them.”

It is expected that the governor will announce next week that almost 1,400 bonuses have been given to new Florida-based law enforcement hires – more than double the 600 announced in December. This move to take care of our first responders clearly shows the governor’s priorities when it comes to keeping Floridians safe.