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DeSantis Praised for Hurricane Idalia Response

“Florida Governor DeSantis has been hard at work. That's what leaders do in times of crisis, they show up and they get to work,” said Sean Hannity.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign released a video today, highlighting positive media coverage of the governor’s response to Hurricane Idalia. DeSantis paused his campaign last week as the hurricane threatened Florida residents.

During the past week DeSantis surveyed damage along Florida’s west coast, thanked first responders and visited with displaced residents and business owners. He also distributed meals and supplies to those in the hardest hit areas.


“This seems to be Mr. DeSantis in his element, examining the figures, the emergency response plans, the Covid-19 statistics, and then synthesizing it into government policy,” the Wall Street Journal wrote.

Largely viewed as former President Donald Trump’s biggest rival in the race for the White House, his handling of the crisis could give him the boost he needs in the polls.

“No matter who your pick is for 2024, it’s hard to deny that Governor DeSantis is putting on a masterclass in how to handle and lead through a crisis and whether that be the preparation that went into this,” said Spencer Brown on Fox News.


Even mainstream media commentators praised DeSantis’ history of handling emergency situations in Florida, with CNN’s Scott Jennings saying the response from the State of Florida has been “working exactly as it should.”

“Oftentimes in these moments, Governor DeSantis shows his best side when he’s showing his leadership in this, you know, the executive capacity to respond to these crises,” said Julia Manchester on MSNBC.

As he resumes campaign activities today, DeSantis will stop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for a fundraising event.

Watch the full video below: