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DeSantis Press Secretary Rips Reporter – “You’ve Always Been a Liar”

A story by NBC’s Matt Dixon suggested Florida sent unnecessary aid to Iowa as a publicity stunt. The article omitted important context that revealed the aid had been requested.

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TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary uncorked a fiery response to a news report on Friday, accusing a mainstream journalist of “a lie by omission.”

“He knew it was a lie, and he published the lie,” Jeremy Redfern tweeted about NBC reporter Matt Dixon on Friday.

Dixon and Adam Edelman authored an article regarding DeSantis decision to send Florida personnel to help with a recent building collapse in Davenport, Iowa.

The story asserted that “the mission had been canceled and Iowa had informed the DeSantis administration that its help was no longer needed” hours before the governor championed Florida’s support in a tweet.

The report cited emails that showed the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) request had been “cancelled.”

However, the report failed to acknowledge that the EMAC request had been modified and Iowa would welcome any personnel that had already been deployed.

“You’re leaving out the rest of the story,” Redfern fired back. “Cancelling part of the mission isn’t the same as cancelling all of the mission. EMAC requests are modified all of the time.”

In his response to Redfern’s tweet, Dixon did not address the omission. Instead he reiterated that “They attempted to stop Florida from deploying.”

Dixon appeared unfazed by the accusations and made light of them in follow up tweets.

While at Politico, Dixon complained that the governor’s press team was “confrontational” because they posted screenshots showing their full responses to reporters.