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DeSantis Proposes Law To Protect Floridians From the “Biomedical Security State”

Following his comments about making COVID non-discrimination measures permanent law, Governor DeSantis proposed legislation to protect Floridians’ medical freedom of choice and speech.

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis and Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo announced proposed legislation to protect Floridians from the “biomedical security state.” The proposed law would permanently prohibit forced masking throughout the state, vaccine passports, and employer discrimination.

At a news conference in Panama City Beach, the governor said that schools would be prohibited from requiring masks or COVID vaccines for students regardless of whether the school is a public, charter, or private school. These measures further protect minors against the CDC’s child and adolescent vaccine schedule, which added the COVID-19 jab for children aged six months and older.

“I applaud the Governor’s stance on imposing unnecessary mandates in our schools,” Duval County school board member April Carney told The Florida Standard. “Medical choices regarding children should always be left up to the parents, and ultimately they need to make decisions that are most comfortable for their families.”


Measures would also protect a patient’s freedom of choice in medical situations and protect the medical freedom of speech for healthcare professionals and patients who disagree with the preferred narrative pushed by the medical community.

The governor said that while the nation doubled down and attacked people who already had been infected with COVID-19 and hence had the natural immunity that comes with it, Florida fought back. “Nobody should have to choose between a job they need and a shot they don’t want,” DeSantis said.

“We were leading the way, and the legislature decided at the time to put measures in place for two years. But what we are seeing is that some of the people just won’t quit. We believe that there is no turning back from our direction – we need to continue to lead with this by making all of these protections permanent in the Florida statutes,” DeSantis added.


With this new legislation, employers would be prohibited from discriminating against people based on their personal medical decisions. Additionally, medical professionals would be free to speak the truth and their opinion regarding medical narratives they do not agree with.

“We want to have medical practitioners protected with the freedom to be able to speak the truth. You should not be in a situation like in California where if you dissent from conventional wisdom, they can take away your license,” DeSantis said.


“There are no other states that are doing this, and this is important,” Surgeon General Ladapo said as he spoke about the “lunacy” of masks and other measures making a comeback nationally.

Last week, The Florida Standard reported on the governor’s comments at a press conference where he answered questions about the notion of making COVID non-discrimination measures permanent law in Florida.


The governor’s new “Prescribe Freedom” proposal contains the following permanent protections for Floridians:


  • Mask requirements throughout the state
  • Vaccine and mask requirements in all schools
  • Vaccine passports in Florida
  • Employers from hiring or firing based on mRNA jabs


  • Prohibits discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccine status
  • Removes two-tiered test and mask discrimination


  • Protects medical professionals’ freedom of speech
  • Protects the right to disagree with the preferred narrative of the medical community
  • Protects the religious views of medical professionals