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DeSantis Raises Record Funding for State and Local GOPs

DeSantis helped raise more than $4.3 million for local GOPs. In New Hampshire, DeSantis headlined the largest fundraiser in the history of the state’s organization.

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Ron DeSantis has been traveling across the country promoting his book, “The Courage to be Free.” Although he has not formally announced his presidential bid, his speeches are raking in campaign donations for state and local Republican Party organizations.


At an April appearance in New Hampshire, DeSantis packed a Double Tree Hilton and brought in more than $250,000 for the Granite State’s Republican Party. According to New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Chris Ager, DeSantis’ speech was “record-breaking.”

Ager told the New Hampshire Journal that it was the largest fundraiser in the history of the NHGOP. He hoped to sell 500 tickets at $150 each but stopped selling them after the group exceeded capacity at the venue.

Two protestors rushed the stage during the speech, but DeSantis appeared unfazed.

“You got to have a little spice in the speech, right?” DeSantis told the crowd. “Why would you want to pay for the ticket to get in just to do that? I don’t know, but different strokes for different folks.”


People nationwide are fascinated by DeSantis and his policies as their freedoms in other states are being eroded. Since the beginning of March, Governor DeSantis has showcased Florida’s success at ten state and local GOP events in eight states. As a result, over 10,000 people have attended his talks and over $4.3 million has been raised for GOP organizations.

DeSantis will be in Peoria, IL, tonight at a Tazewell County GOP Joint Lincoln Day Dinner. On Saturday, he will be at the Feenstra Family Picnic in Sioux Center, IA and Cedar Rapids for a GOP Fundraiser.