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DeSantis Reveals “Declaration of Economic Independence” – How Will It Impact Americans?

The governor and presidential candidate says he’ll fight for everyday Americans by implementing a ten-point plan to reverse the decline of the struggling U.S. economy.

ROCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Today, Ron DeSantis unveiled his “Declaration of Economic Independence” plan to reverse what he called disastrous policies put in place by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Speaking at a New Hampshire manufacturing facility, DeSantis vowed to fight for everyday Americans struggling under difficult economic conditions.

“We must be a society in which Americans who work hard and give the most of their God-given ability are able to succeed, to afford to buy a home, a car and to raise a family,” DeSantis said.

“My promise is that I will always fight for our citizens, our families, our future, and our way of life – and I will never back down. We will take back control of our destiny – and ensure that our future is as proud, independent, and free as our past,” DeSantis added.


Taking Back Control of our Economy from China and Restoring our Economic Sovereignty  

DeSantis says he will end the abusive relationship with the CCP, reverse ever-increasing trade deficits, ban imports of goods made from stolen intellectual property, strengthen protections to stop child and forced labor and end China’s preferential trade status.  

Achieving Three Percent Growth by Incentivizing Investment, Eliminating Bureaucracy and Red Tape, and Keeping Taxes Low

DeSantis pledged to advance an ambitious tax and regulatory reform agenda to unleash American production, increase productivity and growth, and support families, workers, and small businesses while lowering inflation.

DeSantis said a more competitive tax system that incentivizes long-term domestic investment over financial speculation and short-term returns is essential.  

Unleashing American Energy Independence

DeSantis promised to unleash the domestic energy sector, modernize and protect the power grid and advance American energy independence. Reversing the federal government’s attempt to force people to buy electric vehicles is a top priority.

Ending Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards and Political Engineering by Large Investors

Under the plan, DeSantis says there will be no ideological litmus test for getting a loan, opening a bank account or running a business. He also said he would strengthen rules governing fiduciary responsibilities, transparency requirements and scrutiny of firms that manage public pension funds.  

Restoring Merit and Respect for the Individual as the Central Criteria for Economic Advancement

DeSantis said the DOJs Civil Rights Division and relevant agencies will work to root out discrimination under the false guises of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Reforming our Education System and Lowering Barriers to Entry for Working Class Americans

Supporting school choice nationwide, protecting parental rights and reforming accreditation is a priority under the proposed plan. DeSantis says he will work with the private sector to accelerate and develop vocational and apprenticeship programs in anticipation of a great industrial revival, with a goal to become number one in the world for skilled trades by 2030.

Creating a Fair Labor Market by Securing the Border and Enforcing our Laws

DeSantis assured voters that he would create a fair labor market by securing the border, enforcing our laws, eliminating chain migration and the diversity visa lottery, and limiting unskilled immigration. He also pledged to destroy the fentanyl market in America.

Reining in the Federal Reserve

DeSantis committed to appointing a Chairman of the Federal Reserve that would focus on maintaining a stable dollar. He also vowed to block any attempts to establish a Central Bank Digital Currency or any other policies that will move the U.S. closer to a social credit system.

Opposing Bailouts and Holding Bad Economic Actors Responsible

Under the plan, DeSantis says banks must use “clear language” disclosures to increase transparency and better track systemic risks. DeSantis says he supports community and regional banks because they help bolster the economic front lines of main street America.

Fighting Reckless and Wasteful Federal Spending

DeSantis says he will be “a new sheriff in town” when it comes to spending, promising to veto government programs wrought with waste, fraud, and abuse.

According to DeSantis, Article II of the U.S. Constitution gives the president authority to prohibit federal grants to entities that engage in active discrimination through DEI or other unconstitutional initiatives.

The announcement is DeSantis’ third policy rollout since launching his campaign. He unveiled a “Mission First” military plan last week and a comprehensive plan to secure the southern border in June.