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DeSantis Says Biden Likely Won’t Live Long Enough For a Second Term

“I mean, he’s already passed normal life expectancy,” DeSantis said of the octogenarian president.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Ron DeSantis doesn’t expect Joe Biden to live much longer and says there’s a “good chance” the president will not survive another four-year term in office.

“I think the American people should know if you’re voting for Biden, you know, you are effectively voting for Harris to likely be the President of the United States over the next four years,” DeSantis told Clay Travis on Wednesday.

“You have to look at what’s the average mortality rate in the United States,” DeSantis said. “Biden will be 82. I mean, he’s already passed normal life expectancy, so it’s not like that would be an unforeseen thing.”


The governor said that as bad as Biden has been, “a lot of people would view Kamala as even worse,” suggesting that Harris has functioned as “impeachment insurance,” in the administration.

Last year Laura Ingraham asked DeSantis if Harris was a “formidable” asset for the Democratic Party.

“I thought Biden picking her at first was the worst decision ever because she’s not great,” DeSantis told Ingraham. “But she’s like the best impeachment insurance and 25th Amendment insurance anyone could have.”

DeSantis went on to say that even though Biden’s approval rating is at a record low, and he can barely read a teleprompter, “nobody wants Harris” and Washington would much rather stick with Biden than “turn the wheels of power over” to someone that “clearly is in over her head.”