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DeSantis Says Biden Should Be Impeached Over Corruption

As U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy looks to begin impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, DeSantis says Republicans must unite to bring accountability.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Ron DeSantis says Biden’s corrupt actions are “way more significant” than anything Trump did and U.S. House Republicans are “absolutely within their rights” to impeach him.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he’s been given advice from influential conservative lawyers and a senior House Republican to prioritize the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

The advisors argue that if House Republicans are going to go through with impeachment proceedings, they should focus efforts on corruption at the top, rather than on department heads at the DOJ or Homeland Security.


“They impeached Trump for a phone call,” DeSantis told Jesse Watters last night on Fox News. “Are you trying to tell me Biden’s conduct isn’t as significant as that?”

DeSantis says the FBI and Justice Department’s lack of interest in investigating the corruption surrounding the Biden family is unprecedented.

“It shows you weaponization,” DeSantis said. “There’s two sides to the coin.”

The governor gave examples of how the FBI was weaponized against parents at school board meetings in Virginia, but said members of the D.C. ruling class “could have smoke coming out and they will just turn a blind eye to it.”


DeSantis said unless Republicans unite to bring accountability, nothing will change. Last month DeSantis drew sharp contrasts between himself and former President Trump over Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp.”

“He didn’t drain it. It’s worse today than it’s ever been,” DeSantis said.

“I want to break the swamp,” DeSantis told voters. “The president has to hold them accountable. So we’re gonna end the weaponization of government. And that means DOJ, that means FBI, IRS – all of these agencies are going to be turned inside and out.”