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DeSantis Sees Illegal Aliens Cross the Southern Border With His Own Eyes

As Ron DeSantis toured the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, multiple groups of illegal aliens attempted to cross the river and ten Honduran children were left for dead by a smuggler.

EAGLE PASS, TEXAS — Today, Ron DeSantis is touring the southern border in Texas as he prepares to unveil his detailed plan to secure the border.

In his speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington D.C. yesterday, DeSantis previewed what he will do to secure our open border if elected president.

“On day one, we declare a national emergency,” DeSantis said. “We mobilize all the assets, including the military. Yes, we build a border wall. We stop the invasion. And we hold the drug cartels accountable for the carnage they are causing in this country.”


On a tour of the Rio Grande by boat, DeSantis saw multiple groups of illegal aliens attempting to cross the river. He also received a briefing yesterday afternoon from officials at the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) who thanked him for sending Florida law enforcement to assist the agency.

On Sunday afternoon, DeSantis witnessed even more attempts of illegal crossings while flying over Eagle Pass in a helicopter. Meanwhile, Texas DPS Troopers discovered a tunnel underneath shipping containers used by illegal aliens to evade apprehension in Eagle Pass, Texas.


On Friday, in Eagle Pass – where temperatures exceeded 115 degrees – Texas DPS recovered ten Honduran children left at the edge of the Rio Grande River by a smuggler.

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz tweeted that just this past week over 24,000 illegals were apprehended, approximately 5,764 illegal aliens got away and 17 agents were assaulted along the southern border.