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DeSantis To Unveil Domestic Energy Policy Next Week in Oil-Rich Texas

A primary focus will be rolling back President Biden’s green policies, restoring U.S. energy dominance and saving the American automobile.

TEXAS — Ron DeSantis will unveil his energy policy next week during a campaign swing through the oil-rich state of Texas.
The policy, expected to call for increased domestic energy production – including natural gas – aims to combat rising energy costs due to inflation and dependence on foreign oil sources.

According to a Bloomberg report, a primary focus will be rolling back President Biden’s green policies, shoved into the Inflation Reduction Act. The Act, which many say does not actually reduce inflation, earmarked billions of dollars to combat so-called “climate change” and transition the U.S. to electric vehicles and other “green technology.”
DeSantis has been critical of Biden’s push for “green energy,” saying the move will raise consumer prices and eliminate jobs. DeSantis also said that bringing back energy-sector jobs to U.S. citizens would boost the nation’s economy and national security.
But Biden, dead-set on replacing traditional cars with electric vehicles, has spurred an auto workers’ strike because of a dispute between legacy Detroit automakers and the United Auto Workers Union. Due to a walkout of 12,700 workers at the Big Three, production of the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler and Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck is at a standstill.

According to his campaign, DeSantis intends to deliver the speech in front of an oil rig. The policy rollout, DeSantis’ fifth since launching his presidential campaign, will take place in a town severely affected by inflation where the local economy relies heavily on oil.

During a campaign speech this summer in New Hampshire, DeSantis touched on three themes: restoring U.S. energy dominance, saving the American automobile and reforming environmental permitting. The energy proposal comes at a critical time in his campaign, with only four months until voters caucus in Iowa.
Following the speech, DeSantis will stop in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Tyler and Waco, holding six separate events. According to Bloomberg, donors in Texas are interested in hearing more about his oil and gas policies and detailed plans for the US-Mexico border.