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DeSantis Wants to Ban CCP from Buying Land in Florida

“Why would we want them to have even more influence over American society than they already do?” the governor said on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Governor Ron DeSantis promised to work with the state legislature on a ban that would prohibit Florida landowners from selling to entities connected to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). During an interview on Fox News Wednesday evening, Tucker Carlson asked the governor how his administration was managing an expensive real estate market in Florida, adding “foreign countries trying to buy up more real estate doesn’t help any American.”

DeSantis latched on to the latter part of Carlson’s question, saying: “We want no CCP land purchases. Obviously, they’re not going to do it directly, they will have shell companies, so we’re going to have to have a system in place to scrutinize this.”

As food shortages continue to make national headlines across the country, DeSantis first pointed to the importance of protecting domestic agricultural interests.

“Why would we want them buying farmland,” he asked. “They had very little farmland even ten years ago. Now they have significant holdings, not as much in Florida but you do it have it in other parts of the country.”

The governor also hinted that CPP real estate purchases could lead to espionage of American armed forces.

“Why would we want the CCP to own land near a military base, or own critical infrastructure?”

DeSantis concluded by reiterating the threat he sees in the foreign party, saying: “American policymakers for a generation have been empowering the CCP. They said it would end up working out, China would become a democracy. In fact, this is a serious threat to our country. Why would we want them to have even more influence over American society than they already do?”


Wednesday was not the first time DeSantis hinted at potential legislation to mitigate CCP influence in the Sunshine State. Last summer he expressed similar concerns regarding real estate purchases, telling Fox News’ Laura Ingraham how the CCP utilizes shell companies to obscure their involvement.

“I don’t think they should be able to do it,” he said. “I think the problem is these companies have ties to the CCP, and it’s not always apparent on the face of whatever a company is doing — but I think it’s a huge problem.”

DeSantis has also repeatedly blasted the CCP during press conferences and media interviews in recent years. On numerous occasions, he has criticized Disney and other “woke corporations” for their connections to the CCP.

In September, the governor signed an executive order banning government entities in Florida from purchasing technology-related commodities and services from any companies owned or controlled by China, Iran, Russia and Cuba.