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Do Not Comply: My New Book

Taking power back from America’s corrupt elite.

The America you grew up in is no longer here. Our country is in sharp decline. Yet we often fail to truly call out the culprits responsible for it. Who are the corrupters of our great country? They are politicians (both Democrat and Republican), they are businessmen, they are celebrities, they are media executives, they are scientists. They are the elite. And they are selfish.

I have been in the political world for the last seven years, and never have I done anything I believe as important as this. In Do Not Comply, I expose the elite’s many lies holding America hostage. I explain how a corrupt ruling class has pitted us against each other in the name of “the greater good” and “building back better.” But the changes and programs they institute have only hurt us in the long run and have sent us spiraling to serfdom while the elites reap all the benefits.

Without fear or favor, I deconstruct the misguided policies and adventures of America’s political, pharmaceutical, tech, media, and financial institution elites. Through systematically looking at the biggest issues used to divide us today, I answer these crucial questions about the future of America: How do the elite achieve their power? How do we fix the vexing problems in our society caused by this greed and selfishness? And how do we take our power back?

In my latest book, I get personal and talk about my life growing up and how we can overcome the challenges and difficulties we face, even when confronted with what seems like insurmountable turmoil and hardship. I talk about things in this book I have never talked about publicly, and want to share it all with you as a hopeful light for the struggles and challenges we all face and how we can self overcome and become the heroes our world so desperately needs.

As we watch America descend toward moral and economic destruction, it’s tempting to believe we have no power to effect change. But we always have a choice – and it’s not too late. Do Not Comply is the first step towards righting the ship.

You can order Do Not Comply from Amazon below:

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Thank you all for your continued support of me, my work, and for standing tall in the face of fear and continuing to be courageous.

– Will Witt, Editor-In-Chief