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Dream Come True: Fan Hops on Drum Set and Plays With Rock Band at Florida Concert

The Killers have made a habit of calling up fans from the audience to join them on stage.

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA — A fan lived out the dream of young musicians around the world by playing drums on stage with The Killers in front of a live audience.

Nick Singer bought pit tickets for the rock band’s concert at the St. Augustine on May 8. He made sure to bring a sign with him into the pit.

The sign read: “I traveled 1500 miles to play [the song] For Reasons Unknown.”

The Killers’ lead singer Brandon Flowers noticed the sign and asked if Singer was up for it.

“So we put [For Reasons Unknown] on the setlist. Are you prepared to come up here and play it?”

Singer’s friend recorded the experience in a video he later posted on YouTube.

Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. posed with Singer for a selfie in front of the sold-out crowd of 4,000 after the song ended.

“That guy’s got ice water running through his veins,” Flowers said after Singer left the stage following an impressive performance.


Singer is not the first lucky fan to play “For Reasons Unknown” on stage with The Killers – the band has been making their fans’ dreams come true for years.

A 2018 Reddit thread asked: “Why do the killers always let someone else be the drummer for 'for reasons unknown'?”

“I think someone randomly brought a sign to one of their shows and it’s just been a continuous thing now. Crowd is electric during it too,” one response read.

At a Fort Lauderdale show in 2019, 17-year-old Jayson Verebay got the crowd of 35,000 spectators chanting his name.

“It was the most mind-boggling experience ever,” Verebay told The Rolling Stone, adding that he was “literally shaking.”

“This is something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time,” Verebay continued. “It was the most incredible experience and I’m still speechless.”