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Eight-Year-Old Girl Raped 67 Times at Southern Border

Evidence of horrible atrocities – including child sex trafficking – at the Southern border continue to mount as Biden remains silent.

SOUTHERN BORDER, ARIZONA — Yesterday, former Arizona Republican congressional candidate Jeff Zink described a horrific encounter at the Southern border. Zink said he was touring the border when his crew encountered women with children who were separated from their husbands.

Zink described an eight-year-old girl who he carried to a vehicle who was unable to speak or function. Zink, who said he has a medical background, said he helped the women and children get to a hospital and later received a call from the doctor who examined the girl.

“He said professional to professional in the medical field, I just wanted to let you know the little eight-year-old girl had 67 different DNA samples inside of her,” Zink said as he explained that the girl had been raped at least 67 times, if not more.

According to an HHS whistleblower who spoke to Project Veritas in November, the Biden administration knowingly places migrant kids with sex traffickers.

Last week, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody called on Congress to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas after a Florida Statewide Grand Jury found evidence of the federal government facilitating the “forced migration, sale, and sex trafficking of foreign children.”